In July 2018, the NANOMED EMJMD held the first edition of its workshop on “Nano-objects for drug delivery and imaging” at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Paris.

This event gave the opportunity, on the one hand, to our current students to present and discuss their first research work in front of an international jury and, on the other hand, to young researchers in nanomedicine to take part in an international yet human-sized scientific meeting.

For this first edition, we had the pleasure to welcome tree guests of honour as plenary speakers: Prof. Géraldine Piel from the University of Liège (Belgium), Prof. Maria Blanco-Prieto from the University of Navarra (Spain) and Dr. Nathalie Mignet from the Laboratory of ’Chemical and Biological Technologies for Health’ (UTCBS), in France.

The workshop lasted two days and gathered 58 participants from 6 different countries which is a very promising start and we are hoping that the next edition at the University of Patras will meet the same success!

We would like to give special thanks to the French Society for Nanomedicine for its support in the organisation of this event.