IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The NANOMED consortium is currently applying for a new period of Erasmus Mundus funding. The European Commission shall provide its decision in July 2024. As a consequence, the programme cannot guarantee any Erasmus Mundus scholarship for the students applying to the programme for the next intake. The consortium will thus operate as follows:

  • the selection process will take place as usual (opening of the call on November 15, 2023, deadline on January 15, 2024);
  • in case NANOMED gets a new period of Erasmus Mundus funding, those who were selected will get the Erasmus Mundus scholarship. 

EMJMD scholarships coverage

The Scholarship covers the following category of costs:

Participation fees

The participation fees are entirely covered for students who are EMJMD scholarship holders; they are transferred to the Coordinator directly by the EACEA.

Monthly allocation

  • €1 400 per student/month covering life expenses for the whole duration of the NANOMED EMJMD (regardless of the country of origin)

IMPORTANT : The payment of the monthly allocation can only occur at the end of the first month of the programme so we kindly advise the students to anticipate their expenses upon arrival (paying for security deposit, for the rent, for transportation). Scholarship holders are not allowed to receive this allocation if :

  1. They spend study/research/placement/thesis preparation periods in their previous country of residence;
  2. They spend study/research/placement/thesis preparation periods in a Partner Country exceeding three months (indicatively the equivalent of 15 ECTS).

Health & travel insurance

International health and accident insurance complying with at least the minimum requirements for Erasmus Mundus Master Courses. Currently, the insurance provided to the students is the PROTRIP-WORLD-PLUS insurance of Dr. Walter’s insurance company.

To find out more about the coverage, please check the following links:

Erasmus+ Programme Country students:

  1. A student whose nationality is one of the EU countries or one of the non-EU countries that have established a National Erasmus + Agency and which participates fully in the Erasmus+ Programme
  2. A student who is a Partner country citizen but who has spent in the last 5 years more than 12 months in a Programme country.

Erasmus + Partner country students:

A student whose nationality is one of the country which does not participate fully in the Erasmus+ programme (for the EMJMDs any non-Erasmus+ Programme Country is considered as ‘Partner Country’).

Important selection rules for EMJMD scholarships

  • Students with a double nationality from either a Partner or a Programme Country must specify the nationality under which they submit their scholarship application.
  • Geographical balance: in order to ensure geographical diversity among students, no more than 10 % of the students selected for a scholarship should have the same nationality.
  • A student can benefit only once from an Erasmus Mundus scholarship. If you already benefited from one, you can only apply to the NANOMED EMJMD as a self-funded student and are not eligible for an EMJMD Scholarship. Please note that you will be asked to declare this on the application form. In the event of false declarations, you will be asked to return the scholarship paid.
  • If the applicant is selected for more than one EMJMD, he/she must decide which one he/she wants to follow.

Joining the EMJMD NANOMED as a Self Funded student :
other sources of funding

Students who do not obtain an EMJMD Scholarship may also reapply to us during the Self Funded application session. Given the limited number of available EMJMD scholarships, we strongly encourage applicants to look for and apply to other types of funding to cover their Participation Fees and living expenses.   Governmental scholarship agencies may therefore consider to fund highly motivated and excelling applicants to the NANOMED Master programme.

We advise you to use your network of fellow students, compatriots and knowledge about funding opportunities in your country of origin when looking for alternative scholarships (ex: international bilateral agreements, CONACYT (for Mexican students) and many other specific scholarships that can suit your study or career plan). You can also contact the Erasmus Mundus Association to seek advice from former Erasmus Mundus students.

There are also  scholarships which are linked specifically to our universities such as the SMARTS-UP scholarship from Université Paris Cité, and the MAECI (Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale) in Italy. Please look at the timing of applications for these scholarships (it may be necessary for you to apply for the scholarship before the Self funded application session opens). Additionally, Campus France offers the Eiffel scholarship in France (to apply to this scholarship you need to hand your application in November of the previous year).

You may also enquire in the French embassy of your country; several embassies sometimes offer scholarships to excellent students wishing to undertake their higher education in France.

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