Employability and career prospect

Why choose the NANOMED EMJMD?


Wide range of students from different backgrounds can be allowed to join the NANOMED EMJMD offering multiple perspectives regarding the topic of the Master’s programme

Specific expertise & multi-sector approach

  • Tackling Nanomedicine through an innovative approach of drug delivery
  • Involvement of renowned international experts coming from various sectors related to Nanomedicine (both academia and private companies)

Professionalized training & environment

  • Combination of theoretical courses (face-to-face or videoconference) with practical and interactive courses as well as personal and team work allowing the students to develop useful soft skills
  • Completion of two traineeships in internationally recognised laboratories or companies for developing research and development projects
  • Involvement in two Workshops and one Summer School gathering experts of both academia and the private sector allowing the students to evolve within a professional network already

Multi-cultural aspect

  • Cultural enrichment arising from the mobility offered by the EMJMD
  • Sharing with students with different scientific backgrounds and nationality and encouraging future exchanges in the field of research if relevant
  • Students benefitting from each Consortium member’s specific expertise throughout the curriculum thanks to videoconference

Career opportunities

The upmost quality of this curriculum will allow participating students to become experts in Nanomedicine opening up career opportunities in research institutions or Industrial R&D Divisions. Nanomedicine offers a huge range of career opportunities within the following fields:

  • Academic Research and Instruction
  • Industrial Research and Development
  • Biomedical Technologies
  • Pharmaceutical and Drug Development
  • Clinical evaluations and Services

According to a survey the Erasmus Mundus Association (EMA) recently published, 66.2% of EMJMDs graduates are employed and 60% of those do find a job in less than two months after graduating. These figures speak for themselves and stress out how great an opportunity it can be for your future career to take part in an EMJMD.

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Invited Professor: Mr Dimitrios Lamprou

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