The students from our second intake are currently taking their first traineeship!

This first research experience in nanomedicine is held within the NANOMED Consortium so that the students can get familiar with techniques and good practices involved in lab work. On this occasion, they are integrated to on-going research projects and have the opportunity of working with senior researchers, Post-Docs or PhD students. The traineeship lasts for 3 months and should enable the students to put into practice the theoretical knowledge they acquired on nanomedicine since the beginning of the curriculum.

The aim is to be able to understand how research protocols are designed and implemented, how to overcome scientific or technical issues, how to process the results obtained and discuss these results in the light of the preexisting literature or previously acquired data.

The topics of the traineeship are ranging from design/preparation of nanosystems to their biological evaluation and physico-chemical characterization.

To conclude this practical experience, the students will be taking part in the workshop held on July 8-9-10th, 2019 at the University of Patras. They will be presenting the results of their traineeship on a poster in front of an international jury just as they would in a professional scientific congress. In addition, this event will give them the opportunity to meet with other intakes and to start their professional network.